Instant Process Service LLC is California based legal documents serving and support company - Home. What a registered process server is allowed by law to serve - Summons and Complaints, Small Claims, Evictions, etc. Instant Process Service LLC, Preparation and Serving all types of legal documents. Services - Legal Deliveries, Court Filings, Court Research, Document Retrieval, Document Preparation (Small Claims), Document Recordation, Stake Out, Skip Trace, Notary, Investigations. Budget Document Preparation Assistance Reviews Contact Us Instant Process Service Order Form.


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The most popular Process Server questions • Top 10 answers
about Serving and Preparing legal documents!

1. What can you serve?

We serve anything a registered process server is allowed by law to serve, for example:

• Summons and Complaints
• Small Claims
• Evictions (unlawful detainers)
• Bank Levy Writs
   (3/30 Day Notice to Quit)

• Divorce/Family Law
• Restraining Orders
• Subpoenas
• Legal Notices

2. Where can you serve?

So long as it's legally sanctioned, we can serve locally, throughout the United States, and have the capability to serve in many areas outside the United States.

3. How soon can you serve my document?

As soon as we receive your document, it will be assigned to a process server without delay—you tell us how soon you need your document served.

4. Are your rates competative?

Our rates are very competative. Few established, registered process server firms can beat our prices.
Call us at (626) 284-2418 for a free Instant Quote.

5. Are your process servers registered, bonded, and experienced?

Yes! We have no process server with less than 5 years in the field—Our servers know how to get the job done.

6. What else can you do other than serve documents?

We also perform the following:

• Legal Deliveries
• Court Filings
• Court Research
• Document Retrieval
• Document Preparation

• Small Claims Assistance

• Document Recordation
• Stake Out
• Skip Trace
• Notary
• Investigations

7. What languages do you speak?

English, Spanish, Chinese (available)

8. What payment forms do you accept?

We accept MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover, Checks, Money Orders, and Cash.

9. What are your office hours?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

10. What's the best way to contact you?

Call us at (626) 284-2418

Legal Documents Preparation Assistance from Instant Process Service LLC
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Instant Process Service – California based legal document serving company. Our process servers are registered, bonded, and experienced. IPS provides additional services as well – full legal document support – preparing, filing and serving of Summons and Complaints, Small Claims, Evictions, Divorce papers, Subpoenas and Legal Notices. All legal documents can be served Worldwide.