Instant Process Service LLC is California based legal documents serving and support company - Home. What a registered process server is allowed by law to serve - Summons and Complaints, Small Claims, Evictions, etc. Instant Process Service LLC, Preparation and Serving all types of legal documents. Services - Legal Deliveries, Court Filings, Court Research, Document Retrieval, Document Preparation (Small Claims), Document Recordation, Stake Out, Skip Trace, Notary, Investigations. Budget Document Preparation Assistance Reviews Contact Us Instant Process Service Order Form.



Los Angeles LDA: Premier Process Server Company

Instant Process Service is a registered California process server company. Our legal support services include, but are not limited to, the preparation and serving of legal documents.

If you want your legal document served, delivered, filed, retrieved, recorded, or you’re looking for a legal document assistant (LDA) who can give you a helping hand with your legal documents - you've come to the right place.

We at Instant Process Service have been doing all the above for over 20 years and welcome assignments, big or small, from private individuals, law firms, legal clinics, and collection agencies; in other words, from any and all who have need of legal support services. During our two decades plus in the business of process serving, we have also provided skilled, and very experienced legal document preparation assistance for individuals and companies needing help preparing their legal documents.

We're headquartered in the metropolitan Los Angeles area but we are able to perform legal support activities virtually anywhere.

Our team of smart, think-on-your-feet, professional process servers are registered, bonded, and highly experienced in the ins and outs of serving papers on evasive as well as amenable people and entities. And remember, our personnel include an array of competent legal document preparation assistants who can give you fast and reliable LDA services not only in Los Angeles but throughout the rest of California as well.


Our friendly and knowledgeable office personnel and assistants can guide and assist you in readying your documents for service; they are especially adept at small claims procedures - start to finish. In fact, when it comes to small claims procedures, we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and accuracy with regard to the preparation, the filing, the serving and the return of the Proof of Service to the appropriate court.


Whatever your legal support needs, our staff will likely be able to answer any question you have concerning the serving, delivering, filing, retrieving, recording, and preparation of legal documents.

Finally, because of our long experience in running an efficient service operation, we're able to provide professional services to you at very reasonable rates.

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Instant Process Service is a full-service paralegal and document preparation company in California.
For over 20 years Instant Process Service is serving everyone, that is in need legal support services.
Instant Process Service is Los Angeles based company, but we are able to perform legal support activities virtually anywhere. website security

Instant Process Service – California based legal document serving company. Our process servers are registered, bonded, and experienced. IPS provides additional services as well – full legal document support – preparing, filing and serving of Summons and Complaints, Small Claims, Evictions, Divorce papers, Subpoenas and Legal Notices. All legal documents can be served Worldwide.