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Instant Small Claims

Preparation of Small Claims Court Legal Documents
and Serving Small Claims Forms.

Whether you're completely unfamiliar with the Small Claims Court and need step by step help navigating through the process (from origin of claim to collection of money and/or specific performance), or you're familiar with the process and simply want your small claims paper served ASAP, Instant Process Service can make your task a lot less complicated.

In a nutshell, here's what we can do for you:

• Explain the entire small claims process to you — start to finish.

• Provide and prepare your small claims forms.

• Ascertain the exact legal name of your business defendant as   applicable.

• File your claim at the appropriate court (filing fee required).

• Serve your claim and provide you with a timely Proof-of-Service.

• File your Proof-of-Service timely with the court.

Provide follow-up assistance as needed.

We can do any combination of the above—call (626) 284-2418 for a free Instant Quote for your individual requirements.

Instant Process Service is a Los Angeles based company, but we are able to perform legal support activities virtually anywhere.
Instant Process Service - We can help you with your entire small claims case, from forms, to Proof-of-Service upon the defendant.

Instant Process Service – California based legal document serving company. Our process servers are registered, bonded, and experienced. IPS provides additional services as well – full legal document support – preparing, filing and serving of Summons and Complaints, Small Claims, Evictions, Divorce papers, Subpoenas and Legal Notices. All legal documents can be served Worldwide.